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This is the last answer of my fashion quiz, I hope you got it right….. Dolce&Gabbana! Everyone knows it, but not everyone is rich enough to own it. Dolce&Gabanna is designed by Domenicio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, both are from Italie. These two did not only designed clothes, but also published two books on the market. ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Music’. Dolce&Gabbana was divided in two lines: D&G and Dolce&Gabbana. D&G was the more cheaper one and had the inspiration from hiphop and r&b. The line Dolce&Gabbana was the more expensive one. In February 2005 the couple Dolce&Gabbana broke up, after a 19 years of relationship. But they decided to still work with each other on business area. Since 2006 the couple are the owners of a restaurant called Gold, a lot of celebrities are coming to eat at this restaurant. On March the 10th 2011, the couple said their final goodbye to the line D&G, the last collection of D&G was Spring/Summer 2011.

Social media is the future of marketing, I mean that information about a company nowadays you can find everywhere! Social media, can also be  negative attention. What if someone ordered something on your website and it takes two weeks before she got the package. And actually it would be 2-3 days, she will get angry and maybe post in on twitter with a mention of your company.

This is my last blog, thank you for reading my blogs and participated with my quizes. Hope you will have a lot of extra  Fashion Knowledge. All the answers of my blogs were: Chanel – Supertrash – Louis Vuitton – Jimmy Choo – Nike – Versace – Guess – Burberry – Lacoste and Dolce & Gabbana

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In my previous blog, I wrote down 5 words and the answer was…Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss designed it and it’s an German brand. Hugo Boss started in 1923, and did you know that it designed clothing for Hitler Jugden? Hugo Boss died right after worldwar 2, in 1948. Hugo Boss designed all sort of products, such as, clothing, shoes, perfume, watches, eyewear and more. Hugo Boss is subdivided in all sort of brands.  Boss Black –> Classic male and female clothing, Boss Selection –> Only classic clothing and one of the more expensive line of Hugo Boss. Boss Orange –> Casual clothing with a lot of colours, Boss Green–> Sport clothing, Hugo–>Unconventional clothing, Baldessarini–> Luxurious clothing for middle-age men. The rivals of Hugo Boss are Prada, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana.

Nowadays many people write blogs for their work or webshop. This is a sort of social media, because you are using the internet to spread information about your store. Social media is also current, because every minute of the day someone posts something on the internet. If you have a webshop and you will write a blog, people will know the person behind the webshop and that stimulates trust from the customer to you. But if you have a webshop, blogging is not always the main thing on your mind. You also have to think about the expensives, the time you will have to spend to write a blog. Time = Money!

This is my last quiz, good luck with finding your answer!

Italian                  Two Persons                      Expensive                    Gold Letters                          Exclusive

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Did you make the quiz of my previous blog, if you did the anwer was…Burberry. You are almost a fashion docter, with all that fashion knowledge. Burberry started in 1856 and was designed by Thomas Burberry, he was 21 years old when he started the company. Burberry is an U.K brand and even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have given Burberry Royal Authorization. In 1914 Burberry designed an trenchcoat for the army because of the outbreak of worldwar 1. And even though Burberry is a brand that has been here for ages, there is also an online webshop for Burberry.

But isn’t it very riskfull to send such expensive clothing by post? You have transmission cost from 7 pound, but if you buy a coat from Burberry for 2000 pound, it’s nothing. What if something happens with the coat, for example it will get stolen or get dirty. In the end you will have to pay for the coat even though you didn’t even got the coat, how absurd? Maybe they wanted to attrack more customers through the internet, because brand awareness they already have. But the benefit of the internet is, you can reach the whole world. And if you like a coat from Burberry that is only available in the States, you can ship it to The Netherlands. But there are also some extra cost for shipping, but that’s fair, because you will walk in a coat from Burberry that no one haves in The Netherlands.

Time for my quiz!

Perfume                    Red                           Masculine                         Suit                        Orlando Bloom


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The answer of my previous quiz was…Lacoste! Add one point to your fashion knowledge if you got it right. René Lacoste and André Gillier are the founders of Lacoste, it is a French company. This started way back in 1933 and in 1963 Bernard Lacoste took the company over, Bernard was the son of René Lacoste, but in early 2005 Bernard got serious ill and died in 2006, March the 21th . The most closest collaborator was his younger brother Michel Lacoste. Lacoste is famous by a lot of products such as, footwear, leather goods, eyewear, watched but most of all the famous tennis shirts. Lacoste also has a webshop.

In my previous blogs I talked about he disadvantages of webshops, and I ended with the invoice at the end of the month. Not many webshops sends an invoice and the end of the month, because actually it is normal to pay right away. Because you always do this when you go to the city to shop, right? So why not on the internet! Another disadvantages of webshops is that you have to pay transmission price. Most of the time, it’s under the 5 Euro. But why do we shop on the internet and know that the stores are also located in the city? Because instead of shopping on the internet and go to the stores in the city, we will be 5 Euro richer. Ofcourse it’s much easier to shop at home instead of walking in the city in the rain.


Stripes                  Brown                          Perfume                               Bags                                High-class


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Did you saw my last blog and if you did, do you know the answer of my fashion quiz? The answer was…Guess! Good for you, if you got it right. The company Guess is founded by four Jewish Moroccan brothers raised in France. They moved to California and started their company in 1981. Guess has all sort of products, such as watches, clothing for male and female, perfume and much more. During the 80’s Guess was marked by the name major offendor. They were allegations of sweatshop labor use, after that their public image continued to suffer. Finally in the second quater of 2005, Guess apologized.

Enough about Guess for now, let’s talk webshop!

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when you talk about shopping online. The advantages are, that it’s easy and your just one click away from your party outfit. But the disadvantages are, you don’t know if it will fit you, so sometimes you have to buy two different sizes. Also you have to pay right away, but what if you only want to browse and all of the sudden you see something you love, but you don’t have the money. If you look at the webshop of H&M, it is much easier to shop there. Because you don’t have to pay right away, you will get the invoice at the end of the month! I admitt, it is kind off tricky, because before you know it you will have debts.

Quiz time!

Sporty                                 Green                                   Polo                              Perfume                                   French


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The answer of my last blog is….Versace! I already told a lot about this brand in my previous blog. So it wasn’t that hard to find this one, right? One extra point for you if you got it right this time and if not, better luck next time.

What if you have a bad day and you don’t feel good about yourself ? What if you have winterdepression? You hate everyone around you and no one is good enough for your problems. Well, here is the remedy to all your problems…SHOP! Some people eat chocolate if they don’t feel good because of the ingredients in chocolate, endorfine. But if you have a bad day and you don’t want to go outside, then won’t you take a look on the internet. You’ve worked hard for your money and now the time is there to spend it! And spend it big! You can make yourself happy, and you don’t even have to go outside. Loose the chocolate and replace it with clothes that you love. Because what is not to love about fashion? There is no evidence about it, but I think there is endorfine in fashion. It makes you happy in a way you cannot describe.

Webshopping is a very easy tool, but there also are some disadvantages. When you order something online, you won’t get it the same day. There is a waiting time, in my next bog I will tell you more details. Last but not least..Quiz!

Jewellery                                        Clothing                             Shoes                               Sexy                                     Feminine


Hello world,

The answer of my last blog was….Nike! Add one point to your fashion knowledge! Nike is known by their logo, the ‘swoosh’, this is worlds famous logo! If you think about Nike, the words that will pop into your head will be sport, colours. The greatest thing about Nike is, that some clothes are for boys and girl. But nowadays Nike has their own female line and male line. You can also wear it casual but most of time people will buy clothes because of the status of the brand. Nike also has their own webshops, where you can shop online. Even tough there is a webshop for Nike, the stores in the city are still filled with people.

If you go back to the word webshop, think about H&M. Today there was an collection of Versace that was only available in the online webshop of H&M. This is something exclusive that H&M did. Instead of going to the store in the city, H&M made it much easier for us girls. We only have to have internet and shop till we drop, but actually we will not drop because we are sitting on a chair in front of a computer! H&M wanted to do something new and exclusive and it worked, because everytime when there is a designer for H&M the store is packed with people. And you have to think about your staff, they have to have a good work environment.

Another quiz

Diamonds                                     Female                                        Perfume                                     Expensive                                           Logo