Hi world,

I would like to start with the answer of my question, from my previous blog. If you wrote down Chanel, you are correct! Congratulations your fashion knowledge is okay, buy yourself something to celebrate!

But for now, let’s get back to buisiness.

Nowadays you can buy fashion everywhere, in the store and on the internet. I want to tell you something about the webshops of fashion. Almost every store where you buy your clothes, you can order on the internet. But there are also  webshops, that don’t have a store of their own. An example is http://www.zalando.com, this is webshop with no store.

But why do we love webshopping that much ? Is it because it’s easy and faster? Or are we just becoming lazy? I did a little research about why do we love webshopping so much and the answer is a little bit of both. No one likes to wait in line and carry all those clothes on our arms or  carry the bags! This is why we shop on the internet.

When you shop in a store you are also socializing, you are social shopping. Meeting people and starting a conversation with them, all this is possible when you shop in a store instead of a webshop. Maybe you will find your prince charming when you shop!

Now let’s test your fashion knowledge again, you know the drill! I will give you five words and in my next blog I will tell you the answer of the brand.

Brown/grey colours              Sophisticated                              Femine                             Over the top                                 Affordable