Hi world,

First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Priya and I live in The Netherlands. Currently I am studying at the HHS and for my english class I have to write a couple of blogs, so here I am! I am going to talk about fashion and marketing, perfect combo isn’t it ?

What is not to love about fashion ?

It is everywhere around us and everyone has their own taste of fashion in their own perfect ways. Fashion started a long time ago, clothing wasn’t always there to show it. Ages ago people wore clothing because of our basis requirments, we needed clothing to protect us from the cold. Now almost everyone can afford clothing and around that time a new period has started and it’s called FASHION!

Let’s test your fashion knowledge! I am going to write five words and I want you to think of a brand. And in my next blog, I will tell you the answer.

Expensive                    High-class                     France                 Perfume                   Classy

Fashion wears everyone, but you have to make the perfect combo to be in the center. But why is it, when we look at other girls or boys and gossip about there choice of clothing? This is about your own taste, everyone has their own vision of fashion. If someone doesn’t wear the same clothing as you, don’t judge a book by his cover.

Everyone has their own little state of mind of fashion, think about that before you judge somebody!