Hi world,

Happy new year, hope you had a wonderfull day/night! Last week I asked you to write a brand, remember?The answer of that question was Supertrash. This is a middle-class brand and it’s designed by Olcay Gulsen, Suptertrash is also available online http://www.supertrash.com. If you also got this one right, add one point to your fashion knowledge and if you don’t, don’t worry there are many more questions to come.

Let’s talk about New Year, shall we? It is a big event for everyone and I think the big question for everyone is, WHAT TO WEAR?! Do you wear something old or new? And do you surf on the internet or do you go out with your girls and shop till you drop? When New Year is about to start, there are a lot of discounts on the internet. Just like http://www.welikefashion.com did, this is a online webshop that also has a store located in Amsterdam. And what they did was, instead of giving discount on the clothing they gave discount on the delivery. So the delivery was free, this is a good way to get more customers.

Another way to get more customers is through social media, such as Twitter – Hyves – Facebook. If you are active on any of these websites, you will get noticed. Because social media is the new way of talking these days, everyone has a blackberry or Iphone and if they don’t they are considering to purchase one.

Let’s end with another quiz, again five words and next week I will give you the answer!

Expensive                Exclusive                   Status                               Famous                                           Brown