Hello world,

Let´s start with the answer of my last blog, the answer was Louis Vuitton. Congratulations if you got it right and if you don´t ? Better luck next time, there will be more fashion question! It’s almost my birthday and I love webshopping. I went to my favourite webshop and checked Supertrash out. But guess what? The prices of my favourite webshop and Supertrash are different.

There is a lot of competition in the online webshop world! Obviously ofcourse, because every shop wants to be better then the other one. But this is also in the world of normal shopping ( not on the internet), because if you are cheaper than your rival the customers will definitely go to your store instead of their store. But it’s not always about beeing cheaper, it’s the way how you present your store and how you present yourself in the store. This only relates to ‘normal shopping’.

If you look at online webshopping, it is much more difficult to present yourself because no one will see you. But instead of presenting yourself, you can create customer service. If a product isn’t what they wished it would be, ask why and do research. When you’ll do this, customers will tell other friends or family about your service. This is an free way for publicity and you will get more customers.

Don’t think about how much money you will make, think about your customers and what they want!

Question of the blog again, enjoy! You know the drill.

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