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The answer of my previous blog was…..Jimmy Choo! Add one point too your fashion knowledge if you got it right. Jimmy Choo is a very expensive designer, he got famous because of his shoes and bags that he designed. But in 2009 he wanted to do something different, he designed a collection voor H&M. This is a store that we all know and the prices are very low. Instead of being exclusive he wanted that everyone wore his collection. And it worked quite well, because people we’re waiting 5 meters outside the store. Ridiculous actually, but Jimmy Choo isn’t always going to design something for a good price!

What is it about clothes being expensive? And why can’t everyone wear the same clothes? In former days people who had more money than the other person, was above that person. There was an hierarchy. This has been dismissed nowadays. But if you look at clothing, there still is some kind of hierarchy. Because if you aren’t rich, you can’t buy Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada. It is a sort of exclusivity in clothes. When you are famous because you are an actor or something else, you want to wear something that no one haves. You are proud that your famous and you want to show it right? So why not in clothing! Clothing is there to stand out, show what you got and let other people see what your positon in the hierarchy is.

Quiz, you know what to do!

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