Hello world,

The answer of my last blog was….Nike! Add one point to your fashion knowledge! Nike is known by their logo, the ‘swoosh’, this is worlds famous logo! If you think about Nike, the words that will pop into your head will be sport, colours. The greatest thing about Nike is, that some clothes are for boys and girl. But nowadays Nike has their own female line and male line. You can also wear it casual but most of time people will buy clothes because of the status of the brand. Nike also has their own webshops, where you can shop online. Even tough there is a webshop for Nike, the stores in the city are still filled with people.

If you go back to the word webshop, think about H&M. Today there was an collection of Versace that was only available in the online webshop of H&M. This is something exclusive that H&M did. Instead of going to the store in the city, H&M made it much easier for us girls. We only have to have internet and shop till we drop, but actually we will not drop because we are sitting on a chair in front of a computer! H&M wanted to do something new and exclusive and it worked, because everytime when there is a designer for H&M the store is packed with people. And you have to think about your staff, they have to have a good work environment.

Another quiz

Diamonds                                     Female                                        Perfume                                     Expensive                                           Logo