Hello world,

Did you make the quiz of my previous blog, if you did the anwer was…Burberry. You are almost a fashion docter, with all that fashion knowledge. Burberry started in 1856 and was designed by Thomas Burberry, he was 21 years old when he started the company. Burberry is an U.K brand and even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have given Burberry Royal Authorization. In 1914 Burberry designed an trenchcoat for the army because of the outbreak of worldwar 1. And even though Burberry is a brand that has been here for ages, there is also an online webshop for Burberry.

But isn’t it very riskfull to send such expensive clothing by post? You have transmission cost from 7 pound, but if you buy a coat from Burberry for 2000 pound, it’s nothing. What if something happens with the coat, for example it will get stolen or get dirty. In the end you will have to pay for the coat even though you didn’t even got the coat, how absurd? Maybe they wanted to attrack more customers through the internet, because brand awareness they already have. But the benefit of the internet is, you can reach the whole world. And if you like a coat from Burberry that is only available in the States, you can ship it to The Netherlands. But there are also some extra cost for shipping, but that’s fair, because you will walk in a coat from Burberry that no one haves in The Netherlands.

Time for my quiz!

Perfume                    Red                           Masculine                         Suit                        Orlando Bloom