Hello world,

In my previous blog, I wrote down 5 words and the answer was…Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss designed it and it’s an German brand. Hugo Boss started in 1923, and did you know that it designed clothing for Hitler Jugden? Hugo Boss died right after worldwar 2, in 1948. Hugo Boss designed all sort of products, such as, clothing, shoes, perfume, watches, eyewear and more. Hugo Boss is subdivided in all sort of brands.  Boss Black –> Classic male and female clothing, Boss Selection –> Only classic clothing and one of the more expensive line of Hugo Boss. Boss Orange –> Casual clothing with a lot of colours, Boss Green–> Sport clothing, Hugo–>Unconventional clothing, Baldessarini–> Luxurious clothing for middle-age men. The rivals of Hugo Boss are Prada, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana.

Nowadays many people write blogs for their work or webshop. This is a sort of social media, because you are using the internet to spread information about your store. Social media is also current, because every minute of the day someone posts something on the internet. If you have a webshop and you will write a blog, people will know the person behind the webshop and that stimulates trust from the customer to you. But if you have a webshop, blogging is not always the main thing on your mind. You also have to think about the expensives, the time you will have to spend to write a blog. Time = Money!

This is my last quiz, good luck with finding your answer!

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