Hi world,

Did you saw my last blog and if you did, do you know the answer of my fashion quiz? The answer was…Guess! Good for you, if you got it right. The company Guess is founded by four Jewish Moroccan brothers raised in France. They moved to California and started their company in 1981. Guess has all sort of products, such as watches, clothing for male and female, perfume and much more. During the 80’s Guess was marked by the name major offendor. They were allegations of sweatshop labor use, after that their public image continued to suffer. Finally in the second quater of 2005, Guess apologized.

Enough about Guess for now, let’s talk webshop!

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when you talk about shopping online. The advantages are, that it’s easy and your just one click away from your party outfit. But the disadvantages are, you don’t know if it will fit you, so sometimes you have to buy two different sizes. Also you have to pay right away, but what if you only want to browse and all of the sudden you see something you love, but you don’t have the money. If you look at the webshop of H&M, it is much easier to shop there. Because you don’t have to pay right away, you will get the invoice at the end of the month! I admitt, it is kind off tricky, because before you know it you will have debts.

Quiz time!

Sporty                                 Green                                   Polo                              Perfume                                   French