Hello world,

The answer of my previous blog was…..Jimmy Choo! Add one point too your fashion knowledge if you got it right. Jimmy Choo is a very expensive designer, he got famous because of his shoes and bags that he designed. But in 2009 he wanted to do something different, he designed a collection voor H&M. This is a store that we all know and the prices are very low. Instead of being exclusive he wanted that everyone wore his collection. And it worked quite well, because people we’re waiting 5 meters outside the store. Ridiculous actually, but Jimmy Choo isn’t always going to design something for a good price!

What is it about clothes being expensive? And why can’t everyone wear the same clothes? In former days people who had more money than the other person, was above that person. There was an hierarchy. This has been dismissed nowadays. But if you look at clothing, there still is some kind of hierarchy. Because if you aren’t rich, you can’t buy Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada. It is a sort of exclusivity in clothes. When you are famous because you are an actor or something else, you want to wear something that no one haves. You are proud that your famous and you want to show it right? So why not in clothing! Clothing is there to stand out, show what you got and let other people see what your positon in the hierarchy is.

Quiz, you know what to do!

Sport                          Orange                              Symbol                                    Soccer                                             Colours



Hello world,

Let´s start with the answer of my last blog, the answer was Louis Vuitton. Congratulations if you got it right and if you don´t ? Better luck next time, there will be more fashion question! It’s almost my birthday and I love webshopping. I went to my favourite webshop and checked Supertrash out. But guess what? The prices of my favourite webshop and Supertrash are different.

There is a lot of competition in the online webshop world! Obviously ofcourse, because every shop wants to be better then the other one. But this is also in the world of normal shopping ( not on the internet), because if you are cheaper than your rival the customers will definitely go to your store instead of their store. But it’s not always about beeing cheaper, it’s the way how you present your store and how you present yourself in the store. This only relates to ‘normal shopping’.

If you look at online webshopping, it is much more difficult to present yourself because no one will see you. But instead of presenting yourself, you can create customer service. If a product isn’t what they wished it would be, ask why and do research. When you’ll do this, customers will tell other friends or family about your service. This is an free way for publicity and you will get more customers.

Don’t think about how much money you will make, think about your customers and what they want!

Question of the blog again, enjoy! You know the drill.

Shoes            Colours                     Expensive                       High-class                         Prestige


Hi world,

Happy new year, hope you had a wonderfull day/night! Last week I asked you to write a brand, remember?The answer of that question was Supertrash. This is a middle-class brand and it’s designed by Olcay Gulsen, Suptertrash is also available online http://www.supertrash.com. If you also got this one right, add one point to your fashion knowledge and if you don’t, don’t worry there are many more questions to come.

Let’s talk about New Year, shall we? It is a big event for everyone and I think the big question for everyone is, WHAT TO WEAR?! Do you wear something old or new? And do you surf on the internet or do you go out with your girls and shop till you drop? When New Year is about to start, there are a lot of discounts on the internet. Just like http://www.welikefashion.com did, this is a online webshop that also has a store located in Amsterdam. And what they did was, instead of giving discount on the clothing they gave discount on the delivery. So the delivery was free, this is a good way to get more customers.

Another way to get more customers is through social media, such as Twitter – Hyves – Facebook. If you are active on any of these websites, you will get noticed. Because social media is the new way of talking these days, everyone has a blackberry or Iphone and if they don’t they are considering to purchase one.

Let’s end with another quiz, again five words and next week I will give you the answer!

Expensive                Exclusive                   Status                               Famous                                           Brown

Hi world,

I would like to start with the answer of my question, from my previous blog. If you wrote down Chanel, you are correct! Congratulations your fashion knowledge is okay, buy yourself something to celebrate!

But for now, let’s get back to buisiness.

Nowadays you can buy fashion everywhere, in the store and on the internet. I want to tell you something about the webshops of fashion. Almost every store where you buy your clothes, you can order on the internet. But there are also  webshops, that don’t have a store of their own. An example is http://www.zalando.com, this is webshop with no store.

But why do we love webshopping that much ? Is it because it’s easy and faster? Or are we just becoming lazy? I did a little research about why do we love webshopping so much and the answer is a little bit of both. No one likes to wait in line and carry all those clothes on our arms or  carry the bags! This is why we shop on the internet.

When you shop in a store you are also socializing, you are social shopping. Meeting people and starting a conversation with them, all this is possible when you shop in a store instead of a webshop. Maybe you will find your prince charming when you shop!

Now let’s test your fashion knowledge again, you know the drill! I will give you five words and in my next blog I will tell you the answer of the brand.

Brown/grey colours              Sophisticated                              Femine                             Over the top                                 Affordable



Hi world,

First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Priya and I live in The Netherlands. Currently I am studying at the HHS and for my english class I have to write a couple of blogs, so here I am! I am going to talk about fashion and marketing, perfect combo isn’t it ?

What is not to love about fashion ?

It is everywhere around us and everyone has their own taste of fashion in their own perfect ways. Fashion started a long time ago, clothing wasn’t always there to show it. Ages ago people wore clothing because of our basis requirments, we needed clothing to protect us from the cold. Now almost everyone can afford clothing and around that time a new period has started and it’s called FASHION!

Let’s test your fashion knowledge! I am going to write five words and I want you to think of a brand. And in my next blog, I will tell you the answer.

Expensive                    High-class                     France                 Perfume                   Classy

Fashion wears everyone, but you have to make the perfect combo to be in the center. But why is it, when we look at other girls or boys and gossip about there choice of clothing? This is about your own taste, everyone has their own vision of fashion. If someone doesn’t wear the same clothing as you, don’t judge a book by his cover.

Everyone has their own little state of mind of fashion, think about that before you judge somebody!